Welcome to the Philadelphia Project’s homepage!

If you’re worried that you’ve stumbled unto some clandestine government project – relax. Philadelphia is a Christian missionary project whose aim is simply to share God’s eternal love with people who have not experienced it before and to train and equip existing believers to become self-reproducing disciples.

Of course, as Jesus Christ is the full and ultimate revelation of God’s love and truth, we are dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Christ, as found in the Christian Bible. Also, although we pray that this message would reach all people in all the countries of the world, Philadelphia’s specific calling is for the peoples and nations of Africa.

So, sit back and let your fingers do the browsing while we share our Mission Possible with you!

Did you know that this is without a doubt the MOST EXCITING period in the entire history of
Christianity in Africa? More people on this continent are turning to Christ now than ever before!
If you are not yet part of this "Godly Revolution", contact us right now to get involved!

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