ABOVE: The South African members of the Madagascar 2001 Team at the Auberge du Jardin
in Antananarivo: Marianne Koster, Eunice Krige, Buks Grobler, Werner Coetzee and Manie
Bosman. The next day we flew to Tamatave where we were joined by Victor, Hanta, Tantely,
Yvette and more local co-workers.
ABOVE: Working south of Tamatave, we did not have a long hike as usual. Manie carries the
cameras and film and Eunice bears more than her own pack.
ABOVE: Prayer – support, by the intercessors at home as well as the team in the field, forms
the base of everything that is achieved during an outreach.
ABOVE: We walked to several villages in the area where the Gospel was shared via mimes,
testimonies and audio cassette/flipchart-presentations. In this particular village, we astonished
that many of the villagers did not trust us and fled into the bush when they heard we were coming.
ABOVE: In the evenings, the Jesus-film was shown at different locations. This picture was taken
on the last night when we traveled to the town of Brickaville to show the film in a township.
ABOVE: Children everywhere seems to love being photographed.
ABOVE: Because almost all these people are still practicing their traditional ancestor worship
and therefore has no Christian background, it is important to first explain the film in context –
how Jesus fits into God's plan for man's salvation. Manie does the talking while Victor
(standing 2nd from right) translates and Berthin (right) renders moral support.
ABOVE: After the film an invitation is made for those who want to accept Jesus as Savior to
stay behind and repent. Here Werner hands out tracts (in Malagasy) that will help with basic
information on further spiritual growth.
ABOVE: The team sharing Holy Communion before our departure.
ABOVE: On our way back to Tamatave, the team spent 3 nights at the Philadelphia
Congregation of the METM Church just south of Tamatave. Members joined us for outreach
work in the community and on Sunday Manie shared the Word of God.

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