ABOVE: The South African members of the Madagascar '02 Team at Johannesburg International Airport just before our departure. From left is Pieter Opperman, Vicky van der Spuy, Buks Grobler, Manie Bosman and Leon Strydom.
ABOVE: We flew from Johannesburg to Antananarivo and from there to Tamatave where we
had to buy our final provisions for the time in the bush. Here Buks is sent back to the hotel
with some of the groceries – to the utter dismay of a local "pusse-pusse" (rickshaw).
ABOVE: Madagascar was on the brink of full-scale civil war while a cyclone was traveling
toward us from the east. Nevertheless, we felt that God wanted us to go ahead. Pieter secures
the load on the "bush-taxi" before our departure northward.
ABOVE: Where the road ends, we transferred to a boat which carried us inland to villages
where no foreigners had ever been seen before.
ABOVE: We stayed in 5 different villages for 2-3 nights each, working in the area by day and
showing the film at night. In the process, the team walked about 140km through very difficult
terrain. Here the men takes a moment to enjoy the view.

ABOVE: A scenic valley with rice paddies and village.
ABOVE: A humbling experience that one never gets used to. In accordance with local custom,
the villagers show their appreciation for the team's coming by washing our feet ...
ABOVE: The circus have come to town – as always, children in the villages just stare at these
strange white people ("wazaas") in awe.
ABOVE: The cyclone missed us but caused heavy rain and flooding. While we were trapped
inside by the rain for two days, Vicky taught the local children several English Gospel songs.
ABOVE: In this village, settled very high in the mountains in a very remote area, the people did
not believe Victor that we would actually reach them when he sent messengers before our
coming. Here Berthin (with flipchart) and Pieter (with cassette player) shares the Gospel while
the watch and listen in amazement.
ABOVE: Another effective way to share the Gospel is with short mimes or drams. Here the
devil (Buks) creeps up on a unsuspecting Leon.
ABOVE: Even in these remote parts, a lot had been done to increase literacy. Many youngsters
can read and therefore a few thousand gospel-tracts were distributed.
ABOVE: As usual, Buks was responsible for the technical stuff and equipment. Here he tests
the projector for the evening's show of the Jesus-film.
ABOVE: All of these people still practice traditional ancestor worship and has no Christian
background. It is therefore very important to first explain the film in context – how Jesus fits
into God's plan for man's salvation. Manie does the talking while Victor (left) translates.
ABOVE: Victor (in background) and Past Basil (in front) explaining the Gospel to some of the
people in the last village who responded on an invitation to accept Christ as Savior after the film.
ABOVE: Follow-up of new converts is always the most difficult challenge. Here Manie and
Victor shares basic principles of the Christian life with converts. Long-term follow-up is done by
Victor and teams of co-workers from churches participating in Philadelphia's Leadership
Training program.

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