ABOVE: Antananarivo, capital city of Madagascar. Instead of taking a team from South Africa,
Manie and Wynand joined Victor (Philadelphia's local Project Manager), Tantely and Yvette to
work in the Midwest of Madagascar.
ABOVE: The little town of Amparye where we spent most of our time. Note the difference in
landscape and building style from the east coast where we normally work.
ABOVE: Although the people on this part of the island is from a completely different ethnic
group than the Betsirisakama on the East Coast, they are no less hospitable. A family vacated
the top floor of their house so that we could stay in comfort!
ABOVE: The "Christ Never Changes Revival Church" in the village of Amparye which invited
Manie to visit them and teach at a conference. This amazing Church grew from a handful
believers in 1993 to more than 20 000 believers in more than 400 congregations by 2004.
This was achieved by believers completely committing themselves to share the Gospel of
Christ to those still in spiritual darkness.
ABOVE: Manie Bosman (right) and Victor Razifinindrina (Project Manager: Madagascar – on
left) with Past David, current president of the CNCRC.
ABOVE: About 50 church leaders of the CNCRC attended a conference in Amparye where
Manie taught on various aspects of leadership and gift-orientated ministry.
ABOVE: Women play a prominent role in this church. Some are prophets while others take
the lead in various ministries.
ABOVE: Tantely, ho together with his wife Yvette has been our trusted co-workers and family
in Christ for many years, challenged the leaders on the importance of child evangelism.
ABOVE: While visiting other congregations of the CNCRC in the area, Manie and Wynand
were astonished to see the church buildings being used as healing and counseling centers
during the week. Here Wynand (left) shares a word with members of one of the
congregations while Victor (middle translates).

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