Above: The South African members of the team in full “war gear“ (thanks to Ronny) –l. to r.
Miles, Gretchen, Buks, Annemarie and Manie. Crouching in front Any and Juan.
ABOVE: The team flew from Johannesburg to Antananarivo and from there to Tamatave on
the East Coast. This aerial photograph shows why it is so difficult to reach the remote villages
on the coast. Not only are there no roads, but the landscape is harsh and rugged.
ABOVE: From Tamatave we traveled northward by bush-taxi to Sonirama – a village where
the road literally ends. After the bumpy 8-hour ride in the bush-taxi it was great to savor the
fresh air and beautiful landscape ... until it started raining (what's new?).
ABOVE: Miles (left) followed by two local volunteers carrying the power generator which we
used for the film show, After disembarking from the boat, the team had to hike for another 4
hours to reach our destination.
ABOVE: Arriving at last. Buks (with cap) greets some old friends from previous outreaches who
awaited us in the village where we stayed and worked for the first few days of the outreach.
Some of these guys - church leaders from other areas - had to walk for three days (5 days’
walk for “normal people” like us) to join the outreach and attend the seminar.
ABOVE: As usual, one of the families completely vacated their bamboo-house to give the team
a place to stay. Even more – the lady of the house made sure we were well fed with a
balanced diet is rice for breakfast, rice for lunch and ... rice for supper. Taken on day 8, Any
(left) does not look too excited about the meal on this picture.
ABOVE: Any (right) took the lead with the children's-ministry. Here she makes new friends by
astonishing them with soap bubbles – something they have never seen before!
ABOVE: Juan joins in the fun. After swinging nearly all the kids in the village like this, no
wonder he and Miles refused to salute the flag in the morning like a good soldiers should ...
Above: Puppet-shows are very effective and popular ways in which to share the Gospel with
children everywhere. Miles (left) tells the story while Victor (in white shirt) translates. Behind
the “curtains”, Annemarie, Gretchen and Buks gave life to the puppets. (Note the hiking-boots
drying on the roof)
ABOVE: Mimes or short dramas are also very effective ways to portray spiritual truths or certain
aspects of the Gospel. Here young and old stares as if mesmerized at Juan - a "cool dude" in
the "ROPES" mime who gets ensnared by sin – tries his luck with Gretchen. The ropes around
Juan symbolizes different ins.
Above: The whole cast – Gretchen (lady of the night), Annemarie (tourist), Buks (devil), Juan
(the sinner in “bondage”) and Miles (the evangelist).
ABOVE: After each mime, Victor (standing) explains the Gospel and then invites people to turn
away from the ancestor veneration and accept Christ as Lord and Savior.
ABOVE: The leadership seminar was an important part of the outreach. Here Manie teaches
while Victor (standing right) translates.
ABOVE: Many of those who attended the seminar came to Christ during previous outreaches,
then started new congregations and are now enrolled in Philadelphia's 3-year Leadership
Training Program. Manie, Juan and Victor took turns in teaching on various subjects related to
evangelism and leadership.
ABOVE: As always, Manie or Juan (pictured here with Victor) explained the Gospel in context
before the film started so that people could understand where and how Jesus fits in as part of
God's plan for the salvation of man.
ABOVE: Their 1st time to see a film. Each time we showed the film, people had walked fro
miles from neighbouring villages to see it
Above: Victor (in blue shirt) leads new converts in a prayer of surrender after the film show.
Please pray for their spiritual growth.
ABOVE: Most of the younger people can read and therefore a few thousand evangelistic
tracts (in Malagasy) were distributed. Here Annemarie hands them out.
ABOVE: Who said cleanliness is next to godliness? The men (fltr Buks, Manie, Miles, Juan) in
the "bathroom".
ABOVE: In the last village where we worked and stayed we encountered Fediline – mentally
disturbed after loosing her baby in labor and now kept in these terrible wooden blocks to
prevent her from injuring herself or others.
Above: God answered our prayers to provide Victor with better transport. A very proud and
excited Victor on his new motorcycle. God bless you, Ruveix!

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