ABOVE: The Madagascar '98 Team. Apart from Manie (with terrible blue hat) - Buks, Christa and Maritsa returned from the previous year's team.
ABOVE: From Tamatave, the team traveled about 130km southward by "bush taxi" and then hiked the last couple of miles. Not only was the weather better than in '96, the terrain was much easier and the distances much shorter.
ABOVE: For the first 3 nights, the team shared this local school hall with about 30 other people to sleep in. Here the Gospel is shared using the flipchart and audio cassette presentation.
ABOVE: Christa leads the team in Praise and Worship during morning devotions.
ABOVE: Flipchart and audio cassette presentations in a nearby village. Team members FLTR are Rudi, Ruben, Christa and Maritsa.
ABOVE: This year, Buks took responsibility for the projector. The Jesus-film (with Malagasy soundtrack) was shown five times during the outreach.
ABOVE: The majority of these people still practice traditional ancestor worship and has no Christian background. It is therefore very important to first explain the film in context – how Jesus fits into God's plan for man's salvation. Manie does the talking while Victor (right) translates.
ABOVE: Their 1st time to ever see a film. People are completely absorbed in what they see and hear. After the film, the Gospel is explained again and then those who want to turn to Christ, are invited to stay behind.
ABOVE: On our way to the next village, and Gert (foreground) "takes a moment" while we're waiting for the canoes to pick us up.
ABOVE: Gert and Pieter enjoys the scenic boat ride, but something seems to be bothering Victor (left) ...
ABOVE: The 2nd village where we stayed actually had a little church. To their surprise and delight, the children receives sweets donated by the Sunday School of the Evangelical Reformed Church Wonderboom in Pretoria.
ABOVE: Holy communion with some of the local church members.
ABOVE: The team, accompanied by a crowd of children from our host village, sets out through a rice paddy to a nearby village.
ABOVE: With the ruins of an old sugar mill in the background, people listen as Victor tells them of a God who loves them so much that He gave His Son to die so that we can live ...
ABOVE: The simple "Chair"-mime proved itself to be a very effective way to portray such basic biblical concepts as sin and man's inability to be freed from it by our own efforts. Here Maritsa tries to help Ruben, but it is to no avail.
ABOVE: On the last day of the outreach, the team hiked back to a small village next to the road where we were met by Jan Coetzer, local missionary (with hat on right). Jan and his wife Marietjie did great pioneering work in the Tamatave area. He is currently the Director of Operation Mobilization in France.
ABOVE: By the end of 1998 the Razinindrinas, who have been working closely with departing missionaries Jan and Marietjie Coetzer, officially joined Philadelphia. FLTR: Tsissa, Hanta, Victor en Jessy. Our beloved sister Hanta has since gone home, but her faith, love and dedication to the Lord's work and her family remains as encouragement to all who knew her.

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