Malawi 2001
ABOVE: Some of the 25 members of the Malawi '01 Team. Apart from everything else
achieved during this outreach, we also played "matchmaker". Bernard and Mariska (sitting 2nd
and 3rd from left) met on the outreach, started a relationship when they got back and later got
married! (July 2001)
ABOVE: The team again traveled to Malawi on the "western route" via Botswana and Zambia.
The only way to cross the Zambezi river at Kazankula between Botswana and Zambia, is on
this ferry. Tragically, the ferry has recently overturned due to overloading, resulting in the loss
of several lives. (July 2001)
ABOVE: One of the worse roads to travel on is this one between Mzuzu and Nkhtata Bay. The
potholes are so bad in places that are safer to travel on the dirt strip net to the road. (July 2001)
ABOVE: In Kande at last and we start with morning devotions in the camp. Although the roof
in the Philadelphia encampment had already been erected, we opted to rather stay here
where the trees provided shade during the hot (winter) days. (July 2001)
ABOVE: In Kande at lest and the team camps on the VIBITAC grounds (where bathing had to
be done in the lake and a recently-dug pit-toilet was deemed a luxury). As always, however,
no-one complained as long as those who were on kitchen-duty kept the "inner man" satisfied!
(July 2001)
ABOVE: Several school crusades were undertaken during the outreach. Here Sydney
Kansengwa, VIBITAC Manager, addresses the children at a primary school. (July 2001)
ABOVE: Short dramas and mimes are effective in portraying short gospel messages or spiritual
truths. Team members do the acting while Sydney or one of the VIBITAC students explains the
story and how it applies to our lives. (July 2001)
ABOVE: In this mime, a young man (JP, in yellow shirt) starts with small sins but gradually
proceed to drinking, stealing and drugs. The devil (Andre, on the left) encourages him and
gets more and more power over him until the young man is completely in his power. (July 2001)
ABOVE: After the presentations, Sydney again explained their application and then made an
invitation to those who wanted to turn to Christ as Savior, to do so. The VIBITAC-team will
continue to work at these schools in the time ahead as these new believers have to be helped
and encouraged on their path of spiritual growth. (July 2001)
ABOVE: During most afternoons, the team divided into several smaller groups to do door-todoor
evangelism in the villages. Recognizable is Harrison Shumba (left), Suria Nieuwoudt (blue
cap), Gert Grobler (navy shirt), Juanita Grobler (blue and white dress) and Johan vd Merwe
(white hat). (July 2001)
ABOVE: The old man with the red shirt recently lost all he owned when his house burned
down. Juan (right with white shirt) and his team spent some time with the family – listening,
encouraging and later praying with them. (July 2001)
ABOVE: At another house, Lizelle Nortje (now Coertzen – with green shirt) and female team
members spent time counseling a mother who experienced some personal problems. People
are very appreciative of these visits and it gives us to share the love and heart of Christ with
people in a practical and very direct way. (July 2001)
ABOVE: A 5-day Leadership Seminar was presented at VIBITAC. Manie (on the left) and
Norman Kalilombe (Philadelphia's Project Manager in Zimbabwe who joined the team in
Malawi) taught on different subjects related to evangelism and reaching out to people in
need. (July 2001)
ABOVE: Certificates of attendance were issued at the end of the seminar. Here the group
poses with their certificates in front of the lecture hall. Norman is on the far left in the middle
row while Adriaan Bosman (Philadelphia's Project Manager in Malawi at the time) stands just
right of the pillar in the back row. (July 2001)
ABOVE: The Jesus-film was shown in different locations on 5 occasions. Gert seems to be
concentrating very hard to get the reels set up before the film can start. (July 2001)
ABOVE: Bibles are very scarce in most African countries and even more so in rural areas. The
team left a large stock of bibles and New Testaments, many of which were once again
donated by the Evangelical Reformed Church in Ermelo. Bibles are never given away, but sold
at a very affordable price to make sure that those who get them, really appreciate their value.
Here Johan van der Merwe (left) hands some of the bibles to Sydney. (July 2001)
ABOVE: On their way back down to South Africa, the team stopped for a cup of decent coffee
at a new mall in Lusaka, Zambia. Recognizable FLTR: Suria, Juan, Adriaan (back), Bernard,
Manie, Johnny, Nelia and Lizelle. (July 2001)
ABOVE: When thousands of Malawians faced starvation due to alternate drought and
flooding of crops, VIBITAC launched a feeding scheme. Most donations were received from
caring individuals of partners Ocean Grove Baptist Fellowship in Victoria, Australia. Here maize
is distributed to local families in Kande. (April 2001)
ABOVE: In November 2001, Wynand Odendaal (left), Manie and Johan vd Merwe traveled to
Kande to attend the graduation ceremony of the 1st group of students doing the Licentiate in
Theology and tend to some other matters. Here they are on their way to Malawi on the banks
of the Zambezi River in Tete, Mozambique. (November 2001)
ABOVE: Early morning – Wynand (left) and Manie in front of the caravan and tent where the
annex was built the next year. (November 2001)
ABOVE: Singing – lots of it – forms an important part of almost any ceremony in Africa. Here
the VIBITAC student's choir entertains the crowd during the 1st graduation ceremonies at
VIBITAC. (November 2001)
ABOVE: Manie (3rd from left, back) with some of the 1st group of students doing the Licentiate
in Theology at VIBITAC. Recognizable in this picture is George Banda (left, standing), Moffat
Phiri (lecturer – 2nd from right standing), Sydney Kansengwa (VIBITAC Project Manager – far
right standing) and Aubrey Maunda (Philadelphia Children's Ministry – right kneeling).
(November 2001)
ABOVE: On their way back, the South Africans traveled via Zambia and Zimbabwe and at
night just camped in the bush next to the road. Manie enjoys a VERY early cup of coffee after
being wakened up by a herd boy driving his cattle nearly through their camp. (November 2001)

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