In 2002, instead of a conventional outreach, small teams from South Africa and Zimbabwe headed for VIBITAC in June and again in November where we focused largely on construction and technical work. The construction of the Philadelphia Project Manager's house was nearly finished in the 2nd half of the year while a bathroom and annex was added in the Philadelphia camping area.
ABOVE: The June-team from South Africa consisted only of only 5 members. Johnny vd Merwe (left), Vivienne Davel (middle) and Manie (taking the picture) drove up while Justin and Justice vd Berg flew up from Johannesburg. Here the road-dwellers are joined by a friendly pedestrian (right) while stopping for a leg stretch in Mozambique early in the morning. (June 2002)
ABOVE: In Malawi the visitors joined VIBITAC's team. Pictured here are FLTR: Moffat Phiri ("We are One"-ministries in Mzuzu), Manie Bosman, Sydney Kansengwa (VIBITAC Manager) and Barry Smith. At this point, Barry and his wife Liz had been working as fulltime missionaries at VIBITAC for about 2 years, doing most of the hard work in getting the infrastructure in place. (June 2002)
ABOVE: Apart from being mother to all, Liz ran a basic healthcare clinic and also worked with the children. On Saturdays she managed a feeding scheme and on weekday-afternoons she often helped the older children with their homework. (June 2002)
ABOVE: If you want to get it done properly, bring in the pros. Justice van der Berg (with T-shirt and black cap) has considerable experience in the building industry. He designed the Project Manager house, got the building teams organized and generally got things going! (June 2002)
ABOVE: Even the students pitched in to help when they had the time, although "King" Edward (with dark t-shirt) just seems to be enjoying the photo-op. However, a few days later and under Justice's watchful eye the builder's have already made considerable progress. (June 2002)
ABOVE: By November '02 work on the house had reached the thatching-phase. Manie returned with Juan and Johan vd Merwe to help with some technical stuff. (November 2002)
ABOVE: Juan seems skeptical as he watches Johan tightening a water pipe in the new house. (November 2002)
ABOVE: It didn't happen overnight, but in spite of several challenges, the Manager's house was eventually completed. Here are some of the Spoko-children and a friend in front of their new 3-bedroom home. (March 2003)
ABOVE: Barry (right) giving some advice at the other building site – a long-awaited bathroom (with running water!) in the Philadelphia encampment. (June 2002)
ABOVE: The temporary roof over the caravan was replaced with a new roof while a spacious room (annex) was built where Adriaan's tent used to be. Here Johnny vd Merwe (right) and some local builders start preparing the ground. (June 2002)
ABOVE: When the next team from South Africa arrived in November, the annex was nearly completed. Here they are doing some finishing touches on the roof with the help of some of the students. Recognizable FLTR: Juan, Johan (on ladder), Harrison Shumba, Aubrey and "King" Edward. (November 2002)
ABOVE: Juan (left) and Johan in front of the annex. The windows and door was still missing, but it already felt good! Manie still uses the caravan (far right) to live in whenever he stays at VIBITAC. (November 2002)
ABOVE: In July 2002, a Minister's Fraternal, comprising of church leaders from 13 denominations, was launched at VIBITAC. The aim of this fraternal is to enhance cooperation between churches in evangelism and social aid projects. Seen here addressing the delegates is Sydney Kansengwa (left), VIBITAC Manager. (July 2002)
ABOVE: Philadelphia's work in Kande gained new momentum in 2002 when Bruno and Runea Spoko joined the team. The Spoko's moved to Kande from Blantyre – Bruno becoming Philadelphia's new Project Manager and Runea working as a teacher at a local primary school while also being involved in children's ministry. (November 2002) 
ABOVE: Bruno Spoko (Philadelphia Project Manager: Malawi) conducting classes in the main hall at VIBITAC. (November 2002)

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