ABOVE: The Malawi ’03 Team on the shore of Lake Malawi at VIBITAC. FLTR Front: Aubrey, Thomas, Poniso (red shirt), Manie (behind Poniso), Chimwemwe, Suria, Vesta (light blue shirt), Juan, Unknown, Ruan and Dylan. Back: Corne, Karen, Ulrike, Didi, Bernard, Mariska, Bennie, "King" Edward, Sydney (Manager: VIBITAC), Gertruid, Con, Liz, Pieter, Barry and Miles.

ABOVE: Ulrike (left) does not look too sure about the menu at this roadhouse in southern Malawi – dried rats on a stick! Perhaps vetenarian Miles Penfold (3rd from left) wonders if a shot of penicillin could still save the day for some of the creatures. 
ABOVE: In Kande at last and some members of the team enjoy a rest after pitching camp. Recognizable FLTR: Didi (red shirt) Miles, Ulrike, Ruan, Thomas and Bennie. As always, the kids seem to think the circus came to town!
ABOVE: Worship during morning devotions at VIBITAC with Ulrike on guitar.
ABOVE: Satisfying the "inner man". Meals are prepared by daily rotating cooking teams and mostly enjoyed in the Lapa. Recognizable FLTR is Karen, Pieter, Dylan, Didi, Ulrike (?), Aubrey (pouring cold drink) and Juan. Suria sits in front with her back to the camera
ABOVE: During most outreaches, a leadership seminar is an important part of the program. About 40 leaders attended this year. Here Manie shares with George (standing, right) translates.
ABOVE: During the seminar, Sydney (standing, left) graciously agreed to present some sessions on VERY short notice. Nevertheless, participants testified to have being blessed
ABOVE: In the mornings, the members who were not involved with the seminar went into the villages in smaller groups to visit people at home and just share the love of Christ in whichever way possible. Here (from left to right) Mariska, Bernard, Chimwemwe (with back to camera) and Corne (far right) prays for a family who has been struggling with sickness.
ABOVE: At this home, the family were Jehovah's Witnesses. The team just spent time talking with them and explaining the basic truths of the Gospel in a casual way while praying in the Spirit that Jesus Christ be revealed to them in truth and power.
ABOVE: Chimwemwe (left) and Corne prays for a woman who said she longed to ask Christ into her life.
ABOVE: The first official Gospel Volleyball Tournament was held during this outreach with the aim of reaching out to youngsters who are not normally within reach of the Church in Malawi. Twelve teams from as far as 20km took part.
ABOVE: The sun has already disappeared behind the mountains, but still the players find it hard to call a halt. The tournament was held over three days.
ABOVE: Miles Penfold (left) and his team ("Bandawe Boys") discussing strategy before the final game. Whatever they said – it worked as they ended up winning the tournament.
ABOVE: Manie (left) hands out the medals to the winning team – the "Bandawe Boys".
ABOVE: Two groups of students in the Leadership training program received their certificates for completing certain phases of their training. Before the film-outreach at Dwambazi Manie (left) hands a certificate to one of the female students (right) while proud lecturer Bruno, (with microphone) looks on.
ABOVE: During the evenings the Jesus-film was showed. Here Suria (left), Ulrike (middle) and Mariska (right) help to get the screen in place before the film.
ABOVE: Con, who proved himself a real technical wizard, does the final tuning to the projector.
ABOVE: Before the film actually starts, Manie explained the Gospel in context so that people could understand where and how Jesus forms part of God's plan for the salvation of man. Here the VIBITAC-student choir shares a message in song
ABOVE: People often walk long distances to attend the film shows. The Jesus-film, like all other evangelism-tools, is only effective when used correctly. For instance, it is important to always place the film in context for the people: explain where and how Jesus Christ fits into God's plan for our salvation and how He wants us to respond to his redemptive work on the cross.
ABOVE: After the film, people were invited to ask Jesus into their lives. Those who responded were divided into several small groups who were then attended to by team members and translators. Here Suria (4th from left) explains the gospel to one of these groups of new converts before leading them in a prayer of repentance.
ABOVE: On the last Sunday of the outreach the team was divided into smaller groups to attend services at several churches in the area. Here Dylan (right) shares a word during an adult Sunday School before the service. This congregation makes use of a local school for services.

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