ABOVE: The Malawi ’04 Team  in front of the main hall at VIBITAC. Back row: Bruno, Juan, Quintus, Phillip, Bertus, Didi and Louise. Middle: Manie, Fanie, Gretchen, Corne and "King" Edward. Front: Ruan, Justin, Thomas and Dylan. Norman (Philadelphia's Project Manager in Zimbabwe who once again joined us in Malawi with some of his Zimbabwean team members) and some others were absent when the photo was taken.
ABOVE: The traditional pit-stop at the giant baobab about 50km north of Runde River in Zimbabwe.
ABOVE: About 30km before Masvingo in Zimbabwe we ran into trouble when Dylan swerved to avoid cattle running across the road and overturned the large trailer. A vehicle recovery trailer was fetched to take it to Masvingo where damage to the axle were repaired. In the process, we lost a day, but the team were forged into a tight praying unit.
ABOVE: After crossing the border into Malawi on the 3rd day, a quick supper before the last stretch.
ABOVE: First sunrise on a cloudless morning over Lake Malawi.
ABOVE: Juan tries his best to get everyone out of bed in time. Not an easy job and becoming more of a challenge as the outreach proceed.
ABOVE: Nothing to help you wake up like an early bath in the lake. Manie (left) and Juan snapped while sharing the bathroom ...
ABOVE: Meals in the lapa. Gretchen ruled over the kitchen and no-one complained.
ABOVE: Ruan, Bertus and Justin busy with maintenance at the base ... or are they just posing?
ABOVE: In stead of the usual leadership seminar, a EE-3 training clinic was presented to train church leaders to equip their members for evangelism. Ansie Monteith (standing, right) joined us from Lilongwe to present the clinic.
ABOVE: As part of their practical training, the EE-3 participants went out in smaller teams into the villages to visit people at home and share the Gospel with those who did not know Christ. Juan (right) listens while Robert (2nd from right) doe the talking.
ABOVE: At this home, Juan was asked to pray for the family's sick baby.
ABOVE: Louise and Gretchen playing the clown during a visit to the Kande Primary School.
ABOVE: Norman (who joined us from Zimbabwe as usual) and Runea again explained the Gospel and then challenged the children to turn to Christ.
ABOVE: A yearly favourite – the Gospel Volleyball Tournament, kicks off. Dylan (middle with microphone) and Aubrey (right) explains the rules and invites everyone "to have fun"! The banner boldly declares: "The SON is rising ... over Africa's Jesus-generation!".
ABOVE: Thirteen teams competed on the three courts. In spite of some trouble with transport over the three days of the tournament, it went really well.
ABOVE: Juan the umpire – not the most appreciated task.
ABOVE: Louise, Gretchen and Corne kept the scoreboard updated and also kept the cold drinks flowing.
ABOVE: Bruno (left, standing) and Sydney (right, standing) challenged the youngsters to repent and ask Jesus into their lives.
ABOVE: After hearing the Gospel and being challenged to turn to Christ, many of the youngsters respond by raising their hands. The difficult and important work lies ahead as the team at VIBITAC now has to do the follow-up by helping these young believers to grow to spiritual maturity.
ABOVE: Sydney (with microphone) addressing the girls at Tukombo High School before we showed the "Passion of the Christ"-film. What we 1st feared was going to be a failure, turned into a glorious victory for Christ.
ABOVE: About 70% of these young women gave their lives to Christ at Tukombo when the Spirit just convinced many of being lost without Christ in their lives. The team spent another 2 hours praying with them and counseling others.
ABOVE: The team spent another 2 hours praying with those who accepted Christ and counseling others. Pray for the VIBITAC-team who has to do the follow-up in the months to come.
ABOVE: As usual with outreaches to Malawi, the team divides into smaller groups to visit different churches in the area on Sundays. After Manie had preached in one of the congregations, all the members set off for the lake where some new believers were baptised. (PHOTO: Fanie Muller)
ABOVE: Norman (left) and Juan with some of the Christian books donated to Philadelphia by Ambassadors for Christ International. The books were left at the VIBITAC library for use by student and local church leaders.
ABOVE: A final prayer together before the South Africans departed from VIBITAC.
ABOVE: A day later the Steers Take Away in Harare did real good business when these hungry wolves were let loose ... Louise (2nd from left), Margrit and Phillip really tucks in, but Bertus (left) seems to have either spotted a cockroach or perhaps someone stole his fries?
ABOVE: On our way back through Zimbabwe, the team also dropped a few boxes with Shona bibles and tracts for use by Norman and his team. Here the South Africans (Manie, Juan and Dylan) pose with Crispin, who received the bibles on Norman's behalf.

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