ABOVE: Members of the Malawi ’05 team in our colorful “battle dress”. FLTR in front: Ruan, Hanno, Thomas, Phillip, Bjorn and Suzi. 2nd Row: Margrit, Manie, Madelein, Louise, Corne, Fanie. 3rd Row: 2 students and then Chimwemwe, Johan, Bruno (Project Manager: Malawi), Quintus, Norman (Project Manager: Zimbabwe), a student, Juan, Harrison, "King" Edward. Back: 4 students. (July '05) 
ABOVE: Traveling through Zimbabwe meant we had to take our own fuel as there was no petrol or diesel available. Here Fanie fills the Isuzu. (July '05)
ABOVE: The amazing Zambezi river as seen from the campsite in Tete (Mozambique) where the team slept on the 2nd night of our journey northward. (July '05)
ABOVE: After the long journey, it was great to join with our brethren at VIBITAC in Kande (northern Malawi). Here Johan van Staden (far left) leads the team in worship during morning devotions in the main hall. Apart from South Africans, the Malawians and a Zimbabwean (Norman), the team also sported 3 young German missionary volunteers. (July '05)
ABOV E: The Philadelphia encampment on the VIBITAC grounds where the team camped. The tents are pitched just to the right of the annex while the bathroom (with running water!) is just to the left out of the picture. (PHOTO: Fanie Muller, July '05)
ABOVE: School outreach at Chifira. The team used short mimes to portray basic spiritual truths such as the dangers of getting caught in sin and the love God has for all mankind. (July '05)
ABOVE: In the "Ropes" mime, Juan (2nd from left) is encouraged by the devil (Johan) to get deeper and deeper involved in different sins. Here Juan is about to try his first taste of "chamba" (local name for marijuana) from a Rasta man (Robby). (PHOTO: Madelein van Staden, July '05)
ABOVE: In another mime, Johan got stuck to the "sticky chair of sin" and now Juan (left) and some helpers try in vain to free him, much to the delight of the crowd. (July '05)
ABOVE: After the mines, Bruno (Philadelphia's Project Manager in Malawi, with dark trousers) again explained the Gospel and invited children who wanted to follow Jesus, to repent. (July '05)
ABOVE: Many of the kids respond by raising their hands and Bruno then leads them in prayer. Students from VIBITAC will continue working with these young converts over the months to come. (July '05)
ABOVE: Madelein (orange cap left), Johannes, Quintus and Bjorn (bearded) nearly gets run over by the kids when they start handing out gospel tracts. Always a dangerous venture! (July)
ABOVE: About 60 church leaders from the district attended the 5-day leadership seminar conducted at VIBITAC. Manie and Bruno seen here busy with a presentation on Gift Ministry. (July '05)
ABOVE: Norman (Philadelphia's Project Manager in Zimbabwe – in purple shirt) shared some principles of church administration as well as a Christian leader's role as head of his own household. (July '05)
ABOVE: On the last day of the seminar, Juan (with Bruno translating) presented a workshop on project management.. (July '05)
ABOVE: Even spiritual armies sometime seem to be marching on their stomachs – Johan's turn to dish up and it seems that Norman (right) is a little worried that he may not receive his fair share. (July '05)
ABOVE While testing the equipment in base before the next day's work in Nkhata Bay, we were entertained by this pop idol in the making ... FLTR: Thomas, Hanno, Phillip and Juan. Thomas and Hanno (both 10 years) were the "babies" of the outreach, but handled themselves like real soldiers. (July '05)
ABOVE: Nkhata Bay, about 50km north of Kande where Philadelphia also runs a leadership training program. This year, the Gospel Volleyball Tournament, which is aimed at reaching young people with the Gospel in an informal way, was also held here. (July '05)
ABOVE: Serve! Twelve teams from as far away as Kande took part in the Volleyball Tournament. The different teams received different coloured bandanas. (The boat in the background is used to carry merchandise to and from Tanzania in the north.) (July '05)
ABOVE: Volleyball is a popular sport in Malawi and some of the players and teams showed great skill. (July '05)
ABOVE: Bjorn, Harrison Shumba and Aubrey (who is now heading Philadelphia's children's ministry in Malawi) are the serious-looking umpires who has to keep it all fair and by the book ... (July '05)
ABOVE: Between games, the Gospel was shared with short messages, testimonies and music. The words on the banner declare: "The SON is rising ... over Africa's Jesus generation!". (July '05)
ABOVE: Many of the young people responded positively on being challenged to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Here one of the VIBITAC students (in orange) takes down the names and contact-detail for follow-up and discipleship of these new believers. (July '05)
ABOVE: Johan (left) giving the winning team – the “Magpies” their medals at the Gospel Volleyball Tournament. A team originally taught by South Africans and later perfected by Australians ... (July '05)
ABOVE: While the Volleyball Tournament was on, Corne (in yellow dress), Louise, Margrit and some of the VIBITAC students entertained the smaller children with puppet shows. (PHOTO: Fanie Muller, July '05)
ABOVE: Corne tells the story, a student (not pictured) translates it into Chitonga and the guys behind the screen have to make sure the puppets keep up. (PHOTO: Fanie Muller, July '05)
ABOVE: All work and no play was out of the question: Thomas (left) and Hanno (right) hooked up with some local boys at Nkhata Bay to paddle them around on their traditional hollow tree-trunk canoes (called "makorros" in Malawi). (July '05)
ABOVE: In stead of the Jesus-film, the team used the "Passion of the Christ" film for evangelism crusades in the evenings. As always, Manie (right) explains the film in context before it starts. This is very important so that people can understand the role and work of Christ and how it fits in to God's plan for man's salvation. (PHOTO: Juan Nieuwoudt, July '05)
ABOVE: Johan (right) and Madelein sees to the technical detail before the film show. New members on the team, these two really proved their worth in gold all through the outreach. (July '05)
ABOVE: Some people stood for the full 2 hours while the film was being shown. The "Passion of the Christ"-film, which portrays the suffering of Christ, was shown 3 times during the outreach. (July '05)
ABOVE: After the film, people who indicated that they wanted to accept Christ as Savior were divided into several smaller groups. Here Corne (middle) and Quintus (back to camera) and some of the students (orange caps) pray with a group of new converts. (July '05)
ABOVE: The students (orange cap) carefully took down the names and contact detail of the new converts so that they could be visited and helped to grow and develop spiritually in the time to come. (July '05)
ABOVE: Many people just wanted someone to pray with them. Fanie and Corne are seen here praying for an old lady who suffers from illness while others patiently await their turn. (July '05)
ABOVE: On Sundays, the team always splits up in smaller groups to visit and usually also preach at different local congregations in the area. FLTR is Johan, Madelein and Ruan during worship in a church in Chinteche before Johan brought the Word. (July '05)
ABOVE: Fanie and translator George (right) sharing a humorous moment while Fanie is preaching at another congregation in Chinteche. (July '05)
ABOVE: Apart from bibles and evangelical literature, the team also left donations of clothes that will be distributed among the needy in the area. Here Quintus Fourie (right) hands some of the bibles that were left to Bruno and his wife Runea. (July '05)
ABOVE: On the last evening before the South Africans and Zimbabweans departed, a graduation ceremony was held for students who completed different phases of the 3 year Licentiate in Theology. Here the students and their proud lecturer – Bruno (3rd from right back row) pose with their certificates. (July '05)
ABOVE: An unbelievable sunrise on a windy morning as seen from the beach at VIBITAC. Please continue to pray for everyone who came to Christ during this outreach. Also pray that God will continue to bring in the spiritual harvest in Africa and especially pray for all the workers and supporters who He uses to make this possible. (July '05)
ABOVE: At the end of October 2005, Aubrey Maunda (right), longtime member of the team in Malawi, completed his training at Petra College in Witrivier (South Africa). He will now start training children's workers in Malawi to implement effective children's ministries in schools and churches. With him is Juan Nieuwoudt. (October '05)

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