ABOVE: Philadelphia's 1st proper outreach to Malawi was undertaken in June 1996. Here are a
few of the 25 members of the Malawi '96 team at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. On their way up
to Malawi, the team stopped over in Zimbabwe for a short 3-day outreach to support the
work in Karoi
ABOVE: From South Africa, there is more than one route to Malawi to choose from. The team
chose the "western route" via Botswana and Zambia. Seen here is the ferry at Kazankula – the
only way to cross the Zambezi River between Botswana and Zambia.
ABOVE: One of the most challenging aspects of traveling through so many countries (South
Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Malawi) to reach your destination, is that you have to cross so
many border posts. Here some members wait for the rest to clear the customs into Malawi.
ABOVE: In Kande at last. Not all the vehicles could make it through the thick sand between
the main "lakeshore" road and the lakeshore where we camped. However, the locals quickly
added their weight and all the vehicles got through without too much hassles.
ABOVE: The team camped on the land belonging to Scripture Union, about 2km south of
where VIBITAC was later established. Here they have just started to pitch camp, and it seems
there is still a lot of work left before anyone's going to get some rest!
ABOVE: One of the goals of this particular outreach was to explore the area and also establish
relationships with like-minded local Christians. Here team members Joke Koster, Rene Bosman
and Manie are in the home of Past Peter Chirwa who have become a close friend and
respected co-worker over the years.
ABOVE: In the evenings the team alternated between showing the Jesus-film and drama
presentations. Hettie Bosman (3rd from right) finishes the devil's (Ruveix Venter – 2nd from right)
make-up while a lonesome angel (Tina Kruger – right) stands deep in thought. The children,
Ruan and Riaan, are fascinated.
ABOVE: The script for the drama was written by Willie Smith and told the story of how
different individuals reacted on hearing the Gospel. Here Jan de Witt is a terminally ill man
whose wife prays for his healing.
ABOVE: The Jesus-film (based on the Gospel of Luke) was shown on several occasions. Here
the team sets up the screen while it is still light.
ABOVE: The Jesus-film (used with Chichewa soundtrack) is a very powerful tool to portray
what Jesus did for us. Before the film was shown, the Gospel was briefly explained in context
to help people understand where Jesus fit into God's plan for our salvation. Afterward, people
were challenged to repent and turn to Christ for salvation.
ABOVE: A few hundred Bibles and New Testaments were left with the local churches. Here
Manie (right) hands some bibles to Harrison Kamanga. Like Peter (standing next to Manie),
Harrison shared Philadelphia's vision for training and equipping leaders for the church. Both
are still closely involved with the work at VIBITAC.
ABOVE: On the way back to South Africa, the team spent two nights at Senga in the south of
Lake Malawi. The weather was great and we decided to sleep in the open on the beach
rather than pitch tents.
ABOVE: In Livingstone (Zambia) the team sat down for a proper meal after weeks of eating
camp food. The outreach was a huge success and laid the foundation for the fulltime work in
Kande that was to follow in years to come.

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