ABOVE: The 1998-team was large and truly multi-national: 3 members including 2 from
Zimbabwe, 2 from Australia (VIBITAC pioneers Barry & Liz Smith), 1 from Germany, 2 from
Malawi and the rest from South Africa. (Why some of these pictures ended up in black and
white JPEG-files, no-one can remember.)
ABOVE: From South Africa, there is more than one route to Malawi. This time, unlike 1996, the
team used the "eastern route" via Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Here they stopped for a quick
cup of coffee en route through Mozambique. (June 1998)
ABOVE: This was the 1st year that we camped on the land which is now part of VIBITAC's
grounds. During the days, most team members went out to the village to do "street
evangelism" (for want of a better word as there are no streets) in small groups. (June 1998)
ABOVE: One way of sharing the Gospel is by using flipcharts with audio-cassettes. Here Stoffel
(middle) handles the flipchart while Timothy (right), a Philadelphia Leadership Program
student from Zimbabwe, works the manual cassette player. (June 1998)
ABOVE: Churches were invited to send their youth leaders for a 5-day seminar conducted at
one of the local schools. Here Tina Kruger teaches on aspects of youth ministry. (June 1998)
ABOVE: At the end of the youth seminar, the youngsters who attended each received a
certificate of which they were very proud. Tina does the presentation with Harrison assisting.
(June 1998)
ABOVE: A Leadership Seminar – the 1t of many to come – was conducted for current church
leaders. Manie and Norman (Philadelphia's Project Manager in Zimbabwe pictured here) did
the teaching. (June 1998)
ABOVE: Just less than 60 Church leaders from 11 local denominations attended the seminar.
Many testified to have heard basic truths and leadership principles for the 1st time. Although
there are a fair amount of churches in the area, very few of the leaders have had any training
whatsoever. (June 1998)
ABOVE: As in 1996, we alternated showing the Jesus-film with drama-presentations in the
evenings. Here Willie Smith, sound and lightning wiz, makes recordings in his "studio". Harrison
(left) reads the script in Chichewa, and tonight the actors just have to keep up while the
recording is played. (June 1998)
ABOVE: The drama sported a large colorful set, lights and high-quality sound. Here Willie (left)
and some of the young men are putting together the steel frame to which the decor was
attached. (June 1998)
ABOVE: The drama told the story of how God sent Christ to pay for the sin of all people. Here
Jacques Hamman is a Muslim doing his daily prayers. (June 1998)
ABOVE: The Jesus-film was shown on several occasions at different locations. Before the film
starts, Manie (right) explains how and where the life and sacrificial death of Christ fits into
God's plan for man's salvation. Harrison Kamanga (left) translates into Chitonga. (July 1998)
ABOVE: With both the dramas and the Jesus-film, the audiences were held captive
throughout. The Spirit of God convinced many of the truth of the Gospel and many repented
and turned to Christ. Some of those converts are still our valued co-workers and brethren in
Christ today. (July 1998)
ABOVE: When invitations were made at the end of the proceedings, the Spirit of God
convinced many of the truth of the Gospel and many repented and turned to Christ. They
were divided into several smaller groups, each attended by team members and local coworkers,
and then led in a prayer of repentance. To ensure proper follow-up, the names and
contact-detail were taken. Some of these converts are still our valued co-workers and brethren
in Christ today. (July 1998)
ABOVE: As always, thousands of gospel tracts were give out at all possible opportunities. Here
Gert Grobler is nearly swamped by children eager to get their hands on some tracts. (July 1998)
ABOVE: On Sundays, the team split into smaller groups to visit and preach at different local
congregations. Manie and Rene attended Peter Chirwa's Pentecostal Revival Church and were
once again blessed by the love these members have for the Lord and each other. (July 1998)
ABOVE: Bibles are very scarce in most African countries and even more so in rural areas. The
team left a large stock of bibles and New Testaments, most of which were donated by the
Evangelical Reformed Church in Ermelo. Here Gert Grobler (left) and Gert Staal pastes printed
messages from the Ermelo congregation into the bibles. (July 1998)
ABOVE: In 1998 Barry and Liz Smith left the luxuries of Australia behind to move to
Kande where they worked relentlessly to establish the infrastructure for VIBITAC.
Missionaries from Ocean Grove Baptist Church in Victoria, these are the two true
pioneers in the establishment of VIBITAC.

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