MALAWI 1999-2000
In 1999 and 2000 Philadelphia did not undertake conventional large-team outreaches to
Malawi. In stead, we focused on establishing Adriaan Bosman as fulltime Project Manager in
Kande. During this time, infrastructure was erected at VIBITAC under direction of pioneers
Barry and Liz Smith. Adriaan launched the Leadership Training Program with Moffat Phiri (now
part of "We are One"-ministries in Mzuzu) as lecturer. Unfortunately, not many photos are available.
ABOVE: The main hall and offices at VIBITAC that was completed together with the VIBITAC
Manager's house in 1999.
ABOVE: In 2000, Adriaan Bosman (2nd from right) moved from South Africa to VIBITAC where
he became Philadelphia's Project Manager in Malawi. With him FLTR is Peter Chirwa
(Pentecostal Revival Church), Sydney Kansengwa (VIBITAC Manager) and George Banda

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