ABOVE: Research indicates that 80 000 Malawian children becomes orphans yearly as a result of AIDS. Pray that God will reveal himself to these kids. (PHOTO: Marianne Koster, June '01)
ABOVE: Children selling red bananas at the roadside between Nkhata Bay and Mzuzu. (Photo: Fanie Muller, June '05).
ABOVE: Fishermen mending their nets on the shore of Lake Malawi in Nkhata Bay. (July 2005)
ABOVE: Another fisherman mending holes in his net. He sits on a traditional tree-trunk canoe, called a "makorro" in these parts. (July '05)
ABOVE: Chitonga boy with small fish on the shore of Lake Malawi near Kande. (July '05)
ABOVE: Sawmill, Malawi style. Men manually sawing timber into planks in Kande, northern Malawi. (July '04)
ABOVE: Jubilant youths and supporters after winning a Volleyball Tournament at Kande in Malawi during 2004. (July '04)
ABOVE: Woman singers during a service in a small church in Chinteche, Malawi. (July '05)
ABOVE: Musician and singers during a church service at another congregation in Chinteche, Malawi. (July '05)
ABOVE: Sons of the park keeper of the botanical gardens just outside Tamatave (Toamasina) in Madagascar. (June '96)
ABOVE: Three friendly brothers peeping out the window of their home in the village of Amparye in the Midwest of Madagascar. (October '04)
ABOVE: Grandmother with granddaughter in the little village of Amparye in the Midwest of Madagascar. (October '04)
ABOVE: Children at play in a village in the mountains of Madagascar's East Coast. (April '05)
ABOVE: Hometown crooner with his handmade guitar and fan club in a remote village on Madagascar's East Coast. (Madagascar '97)
ABOVE: Oxcart and friendly driver near Amparye in the Midwest of Madagascar. (October '04)
ABOVE: Leper with no fingers or toes, begging in the streets of port city Tamatave (Toamasina) in Madagascar. (October '04)
ABOVE: Young men hauling timber off their boat to take it for sale at timber market in Tamatave, Madagascar. (October '04)
ABOVE: Vendor selling herbs and traditional medicine at "Bazaar Kelly" in Tamatave, Madagascar. (October '04)
ABOVE: Girl in unknown village north of Tamatave on East Coast of Madagascar. (April '02)
ABOVE: Dancers from Tunisia performing traditional dancing during on a cultural exhibition in Dubai. (February '03)
ABOVE: Traditional dancers from Tunisia at cultural exhibition in Dubai. (February '03)

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