ABOVE: Some Malawian merchants travel all the way down to South Africa to buy products which are not locally available. For such a long journey, it seems all space has to be well utilized. (Malawi '05)
ABOVE: More well-utilized space on a vehicle near the Zobue border between Mozambique and Malawi. (Malawi '05)
ABOVE: Catching a lift in Malawi means to really live in faith – more so after than before you actually get a lift. (Malawi '05)
ABOVE: Some more happy travelers – this time early in the morning in western Mozambique. (Malawi '04)
ABOVE: Why it is not wise to travel at night in Africa – the pedestrians just ignore the robots and cross anywhere they want! (PHOTO: Fanie Muller, Malawi '05)
ABOVE: Are the roads in Mozambique tarred? Yes, sure they are! (Malawi '04)
ABOVE: In Malawi the roads improved over the last couple of years ... but not the bridges. (Malawi '01)
ABOVE: “Fast Food Outlet” in southern Malawi – anyone for a dried mouse-kebab? (Malawi '04)
ABOVE: Or perhaps these minute birds-on-a-stick are more to your taste? (Malawi '05)
ABOVE: For the more serious eater there's always the "Reed rat Roadhouse" (left) or the "Briem Bonanza" in southeastern Mozambique. Appreciating the local cuisine is Wynand Odendaal, member of Philadelphia's Board of Directors (middle). (Mozambique - November 2001)
ABOVE: A few thousand kilometers further east and across the Indian Ocean the Grobler-sisters made heads turn on the market in Tamatave. (Madagascar '98)
ABOVE: And these two? Well, they were seen wondering around Kande in Malawi, apparently members of a small Rasta-sect known as the "Bushmen". (Malawi '04)
ABOVE: Manie in a very cool pose on a trip upstream during an outreach in Madagascar. (2002)
ABOVE: Buks Grobler taking a shortcut downhill while a very tired Christa Havenga still finds energy to laugh. (Madagascar '97)
ABOVE: Over the years Buks perfected the art off falling. Here he peeks out from under the leaves after falling off a log used to bridge the little stream. (Madagascar '01)
ABOVE: Not road kill – Manie Bosman (left), Willie Smith and Wynand Odendaal taking a break very late at night on a deserted stretch of road in northern Zambia. (1994)
ABOVE: Juan Nieuwoudt threatening the media when caught in every Isuzu driver's favourite position – under the chassis searching for the source of some or other "strange noise". (Mozambique, June '04)
ABOVE: Lunch on the road. Fanie Muller has a bone to pick while Corne Kriek contemplates the meaning of life ... or something. (PHOTO: Ruan Bosman, Malawi '01)
ABOVE: Johan van Staden begged Fanie for the bone to prove that he can get it even cleaner ... and its serious business to him! (PHOTO: Ruan Bosman, Malawi '05)
ABOVE: Bruno (left) and Sydney are planning to start a singing ministry as the "Backbeach Boys". Only problem is, they can't seem to agree on what they want to sing, so they each sing their own song ... together ... sort of ... (Malawi '04)
ABOVE: Juan again – snapped this time while Suria took him for his daily walk in the park. (Malawi '05)
ABOVE: The question is – what does these guys from Philadelphia teach people on seminars?!
(PHOTO: Juan Nieuwoudt, Malawi '05)
ABOVE: Okay, so here's why people of European descent never really took to ancestor veneration – who can have any hope that guys like this would be able to help you in times of trouble? Manie's grandfather is 2nd from the right on this photo taken somewhere in the 1940's.
ABOVE: This guy is really photogenic! Juan at the Pretoria Zoo after venturing too close to the elephant's enclosure. (PHOTO: Dylan van Graan, '04)
ABOVE: Manie takes a break at a roadside spa while traveling between Bloemfontein and Cape Town in the summer (December) of  2004. (PHOTO: Rene Bosman)
ABOVE: Okay, so there's the proof – Ruan CAN walk on water! Walvisbaai lagoon (Namibia). (December 2004)
ABOVE: Someone said this was the origin of the popular South African word "eish"! (PHOTO: unknown)
ABOVE: Why boarding time is often very relative in Africa ... (PHOTO: unknown.)
ABOVE: The further north you go – in Sudan, there's always place for TEN more! (PHOTO: unknown)

ABOVE: Someone captured this innovative guy on his bicycle somewhere in Africa. (PHOTO: unknown)
ABOVE: Toilet humor – a "rest room" at a filling station in Southern Zambia. (Malawi '01)
ABOVE: You have to understand Afrikaans to get this one. It means ... eh ... "very welcome to my customers". Welcoming sign at a beachcombers shop in Paternoster, Western Cape, South Africa. (December '04)
ABOVE: This hair saloon in Nkhata Bay in northern Malawi offers "all your hair ingredients". (Malawi '05)
ABOVE: Sign on a pulpit of a small mud-walled church in Chinteche, northern Malawi. A very polite way of stating a very serious truth! (Malawi 05)
ABOVE: It really happened...!
ABOVE: If we can just decide where to start ... we'll start! (PHOTO: unknown)
ABOVE: Some Christians get a similar expression when you talk to them about becoming involved in World missions! (PHOTO: Khampa Bouaphanh)
ABOVE: All right, so maybe this one wasn't funny when it happened ... (PHOTO: unknown)

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