ZIMBABWE 1993-1994
Philadelphia's  ministry in Zimbabwe started when Manie Bosman (Executive Director) visited the country in 1993 and felt called by God to launch a ministry in Mashonoland West. In January 1994 the 1st evangelism outreach was undertaken with a team from South Africa. This was followed with regular visits to the area during which the groundwork was done for what would later become a very blessed fulltime ministry based in Karoi. The photographs in this collection is not a nearly complete record of this work, but just gives a brief glimpse of what had been done in Zimbabwe over the last couple of years.
ABOVE: In April 1994, Manie Bosman (right) visited Magunje for the 3rd time. On this occasion, he followed up on some of the work done during the December '93 outreach, but also spent some time liasoning and sharing Philadelphia's vision with local church- and community leaders. With him are several leaders including the MP for Mashonoland West, Mr Madeiro (seated and since deceased).
ABOVE: A Four-man team from South Africa undertook a 2nd outreach to Magunje in Mashonoland West in July 1994. FLTR: Wynand Odendaal, Willie Smith, Anthony (a convert from the December '93-outreach) and Adriaan Bosman. Manie Bosman was the photographer. (July 1994)
ABOVE: In the Zimbabwean bush, the term "basic facilities" gains new meaning. Manie takes a shave in the bathroom ... (July 1994)
ABOVE: During the July 1994 outreach, the team conducted public evangelic services, but also used every opportunity to share the love of Christ with people on an individual level. Here Manie speaks to the driver of an oxcart in Magunje. (July 1994)

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