ZIMBABWE 1994-1995
The years1994 and 1995 were the founding years of Philadelphia's ministry in Zimbabwe. While on an outreach in the Magunje-area in December '94/January '95, Norman Kalilombe received a clear calling from God to join Philadelphia on a fulltime base and move from Marondera to Karoi. Thus, apart from  evangelism outreaches and a leadership seminar or two, the highlight of the year came when Norman and his family moved to Karoi in June '95 to head Philadelphia's local ministry as Project Manager. Unfortunately, very few photographs seems to have been taken during this period.
ABOVE: In December '94 – January '95 Philadelphia undertook a multi-ministry outreach to Magunje. The team camped in the bush just outside the village. Team members included Pierre en Joke Koster, Willie and Suret Smith, Marius Stander, Carla Bootsma, Adriaan Bosman, Manie Bosman, Eswill Magaronga (local co-worker) and Norman Kalilombe (then still working under Faith Ministries in Marondera).   (December/January 1994)
ABOVE: During the days, team members and local co-workers went out into the village and surrounding areas to do door-to-door evangelism, sharing the Gospel, listening to people's needs and helping where we could. Here Carla (left) and Adriaan talks to a family outside their hut.
ABOVE: Marius (2nd from left), Norman, Manie, Suret and Adriaan after conducting a small open-air service in a village near Magunje.
ABOVE: Joke (who later became a pillar of strength as a member of Philadelphia's Board and also our Prayer Co-coordinator) shares the Gospel with a local woman. (December/January 1994)
ABOVE: Manie, Eswill and Marius shares some bible-versus with an old lady who, although she professes to be a Catholic, is also the local sangoma (witchdoctor).  (December/January 1994)
ABOVE: Under the directorship of Willie Smith, a Christian drama was produced. Here Willie can be seen in his "bush-studio" busy preparing the sound and other technical detail for the evening's production. (December/January 1994)
ABOVE: The Magunje "show grounds" where most of the evening-activities took place. In the evenings, people came from all over to attend films shows, services and drama presentations. On old year's eve, we even had a fireworks display after the service! (December/January 1994)
ABOVE: Manie preaching during an open-air service at the show grounds. The difficult part in these early years was to make sure that the local congregations with whom we worked, we equipped and trained to do proper follow-up of the many people who committed their lives to Christ during the outreach. This became easier a year or two later when Norman joined Philadelphia and we established a fulltime Leadership Training Program in nearby Karoi. (December/January 1994)
ABOVE: In June 1995, the Kalilombe's moved from Marondera to Karoi where Norman became Philadelphia's Project Manager for Zimbabwe. Next to Norman is wife, Euridice. Absent from this picture are the Kalilombe's sons – Blessing and Blessed.. 

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