ZIMBABWE 1996-1997
During 1996 and 1997 Philadelphia's activities in Zimbabwe included several evangelism outreaches, local crusades and a number of leadership seminars. However, the breakthrough in this period was starting the fulltime Leadership Training Program, using Timothy Institute's 3-year Licentiate Course as basic syllabus. Unfortunately, once again hardly any photographs of these events seems to have survived.
ABOVE: In April 1996 a Leadership Seminar was conducted in the Karoi Hotel with Manie Bosman (2nd from right), Norman Kalilombe and David Broom (from Harare) as speakers. Here Leonard Chimbe (right), later to become local head of "Far and Away Missions", does the translating. (April 1996)
ABOVE: David Broom (standing right), a pastor from Harare, addressing the seminar. Norman (standing left) translates for him. Recognizable at the opposite end of the table is David's wife and Jan de Witt, who accompanied Manie from South Africa. (April 1996)
ABOVE: The groups attending the seminar in April '96 at the Karoi Hotel. Manie is on the left in the 2nd row from front, Eswill Magaronga is 3rd from left in the same row, David Broom and his wife is on the right in the 2nd row from the back and Norman is 2nd from the right in the back row. (April 1996)
ABOVE: ABOVE: In July 1996 a team from South Africa en route to an outreach in Malawi, stopped in Magunje for a short 3-day outreach. Halfway out of the picture is Sias Hoffman and next to him is Adriaan Bosman (bearded), who later worked in Malawi as Philadelphia's fulltime Project Manager.
ABOVE: In July 1996 a team from South Africa en route to an outreach in Malawi, stopped in Magunje for a short 3-day outreach. Apart from showing the Jesus-film and doing door-to-door evangelism, the team brought a large donation of blankets and shirts which were given to people in need. Here Manie (left) and Eswill Magaronga (right) looks on as Henrietta Stander does the ceremonial handover to Norman. (June 1996)
ABOVE: In 1997 Philadelphia presented several leadership seminars in Zimbabwe. In October 1997, a team comprising of Manie Bosman (back row 4th from right), Adriaan Bosman, Jacques (not in picture) and Magda (middle) Hamman, Eswill Magaronga (in front), and Norman Kalilombe (back row far right) also undertook an outreach to the Magunje area. Here they are seen with some leaders who attended a 2-day seminar that was presented during the outreach. (October 1997)
ABOVE: Manie (left) teaching on leadership with Norman (2nd from left) translating. (October 1997)
ABOVE: Norman, Adriaan Bosman and Jacques Hamman (since deceased). The team camped in two different locations.
ABOVE: Jacques hands out some gospel tracts to children fetching water on their father's oxcart. (October 1997)
ABOVE: In the evenings, evangelical films were shown in different locations.
ABOVE: Adriaan (striped shirt) and Norman addressing people who indicated that they wanted to ask Christ into their lives after the film. (October 1997)

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