In 1998 the Leadership Training Program really gained momentum in Mashonoland West. Manie and small teams undertook several visits to support Norman who was moving mountains in his new ministry in spite of having to struggle with personal hardships such as having to move home twice.
ABOVE: During an outreach in May 1998, the film projector broke and the team used a VCR and TV to show the Jesus-film to smaller groups. In this instance, it was shown outside a beer hall on a farm. A few months later, the beer hall was "converted" into a church! Here Norman (white shirt) and Adriaan watch the film from the back of a pick-up where the projector and equipment is placed for protection. (May 1998)
ABOVE: A team-member is swamped by the crowd urging forward to get hold of some gospel tracts after the film. Literacy in Zimbabwe is quite high which makes gospel tracts effective aids in evangelism. (May 1998)
ABOVE: By the end of 1998, some of the 1st classes in the Leadership Training Program in Zimbabwe started to complete their 3 years of training. Norman is in the middle with dark blazer.

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