ZIMBABWE 1999-2004
Because of the difficult political and social conditions in Zimbabwe over the last couple of years, Philadelphia postponed conventional outreaches with teams from South Africa and elsewhere in 1999. In stead of large teams, only small teams from South Africa visited the area to conduct training, low-profile crusades and render general support to Norman and his team. However, crusades with teams of local co-workers and students continued, as did regular leadership seminars and conferences. Again, few photographs are available.
ABOVE: Part of the yearly program in Zimbabwe is to present regular seminars and training opportunities apart from the formal Leadership Training Program to further equip and support Christian leaders. In most cases, Norman (above) would present some of the lectures, but also involve guest speakers from elsewhere to lecture on their areas of specialty. (1999)
ABOVE: Participants enjoying a cool drink during a tea brake at the seminar. (1999)
ABOVE: A group of Christian leaders who attended a seminar presented by Philadelphia in 1999. (1999)
ABOVE: Apart from formal theological training, practical exposure to ministry is an important part of Philadelphia's Leadership Training Program. For this reason, Norman (right) undertakes regular evangelism crusades with his students and co-workers, sometimes using the Jesus-film. (2000)
ABOVE: Norman inviting people to accept Christ into their lives during a crusade in the Rengwe district. Students also take responsibility to do the follow-up of new converts, helping them to grow to spiritual maturity in Christ. (2000/2001)
ABOVE: One of the strengths of Philadelphia's work in Zimbabwe is the fact that individuals and ministries from a diverse background bought into the vision and became involved. A local Management Board was formed to assist Norman and help give direction in the ministry. Members of Philadelphia's Management Board in 2002 were: Rev Veneto Keyter (Dutch Reformed Church -2nd from left), Rev Banda (Methodist Church – 3rd from left), Norman Kalilombe (middle), Noel Pickard (farmer), Past Ron Dick (Karoi Assemblies – 2nd from right) and Past Claude Ainsley (Living Waters Church – far right).
ABOVE: In November '01, Manie Bosman (right) and Thys Loubser (left – Executive Director of Action 1:8) visited Norman and his team to attend several Diploma Ceremonies and acquaint themselves of conditions related to the political and economical upheavals in Zimbabwe. With them here is Norman Kalilombe (left – Philadelphia's Project Manager in Zimbabwe) and Eswill Magaronga (longtime co-worker). (November '01)
ABOVE: Since the Leadership Training Program was launched in 1996, many students completed their 3 years of studies. For those already in ministry, the training added new strength to their ministry, while others, once equipped, launched ministries which are bearing wonderful fruit. Here Thys Loubser (Executive Director of Action 1:8) congratulates a student at a graduation ceremony in the Dutch Reformed Church in Karoi. (November '01)
ABOVE: Manie Bosman, Executive Director of Philadelphia (left) and Norman Kalilombe, Project Manager: Zimbabwe (right) with a group of students who graduated in Karoi in November 2001. (November '01)
ABOVE: Thys Loubser, Executive Director of Action 1:8 (right), again accompanied Manie Bosman on a visit to the project in Mashonoland West in November 2002. Here Thys addresses a class of students during a graduation ceremony conducted at a primary school about 30km northwest of Karoi. (November 2002)
ABOVE: Norman Kalilombe (2nd from left) and Thys Loubser congratulating students upon graduation. (November 2002)
ABOVE: Norman Kalilombe (left)and Manie Bosman (back) with a group of students shortly after they graduated in November 2002. (November 2002)
ABOVE: Since about 2002, Zimbabwe had been struggling with constant fuel-shortages. The only way to travel through the country is by installing long range fuel tanks and carrying extra fuel. Here Juan Nieuwoudt (right)is assisted in filling the tank by friendly locals. The photo was taken when he and Manie visited Norman late in 2004 to attend a graduation ceremony and conduct interviews for additional members of Philadelphia's team in Karoi. (November 2004)

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